Carving Out My Niche & My Bucket List


Losing my brother shattered my world. I’m surprised that I’m still standing, to be honest. Before he passed, I had reached a point where I was doing fairly well. I had overcome many of my anxieties simply because I had no choice, but now, I’ve regressed. But I’m trying. I’m trying to forge ahead and carve out my niche in this world. To do this, I identified my primary goals in order to better understand the things that are truly important to me. Thus, my bucket list was born.

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Vegan Banana Fritters


My best friend is vegan. I am not. I love animals, but my willpower is lacking. Especially when it comes to denying myself something like cheese. That being said, in spite of knowing my limitations and knowing that I don’t have the ability to commit to never eating meat or dairy, he has inspired me to work harder to reduce my meat consumption and in turn, my carbon footprint. Thus, vegan banana fritters were born.

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Florrie Kaye’s Tea Room Review

Restaurant Review Hudson Valley 1

I don’t fancy myself a professional food critic, by any means. I am just a girl who loves to eat. It’s difficult to find an eatery in the Hudson Valley that extends beyond basic Italian or Chinese, but recently the food scene has exploded and I am on a mission to try as many new and interesting restaurants as I can. Recently, my sister and I visited Florrie Kaye’s Tea Room & Gifts in the Hudson Valley town of Carmel, N.Y.

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31 Days of Halloween Horror & A Giveaway

man watching Halloween horror

October is finally here! It has brought with it beautiful fall weather and the need for sweaters, warm drinks, and an extra blanket, at night. It possesses that looming, haunted feeling that ends with Halloween. It is the beginning of the holiday season that leads to Thanksgiving and Christmas, full of love, family, food, and a sense of community. But for now, we get the chance to indulge in a little darkness.

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Blair Witch: A Review

blair witch review pic

The Blair Witch Project is often heralded as the film that popularized the found footage format. The documentary style and intense viral marketing campaign aided filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez in establishing a mythology that pushed the boundaries of reality. The uncertainty created by these elements made the film truly terrifying. Blair Witch subscribes to a similar formula, but fails to deliver the scares.

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