Blair Witch: A Review

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The Blair Witch Project is often heralded as the film that popularized the found footage format. The documentary style and intense viral marketing campaign aided filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez in establishing a mythology that pushed the boundaries of reality. The uncertainty created by these elements made the film truly terrifying. Blair Witch subscribes to a similar formula, but fails to deliver the scares.

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We Need To Talk About Kevin


It’s been a little longer than a month since my brother passed away. When I first heard the news, I felt like I had immediately forgotten him; the sound of his voice, the shape of his face. It was as if my mind had washed away any memory of him to save me the heartache of remembering. But as quickly as they had disappeared, the memories came flooding back, playing on a loop in my head, like a film projected on a blank screen.

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Basket Case


My apologies for yet another lengthy wait for a new blog post. Things have been incredibly tough, as of late. How has it been different from any other difficult period in my life? I’m not sure. My motivation to create was definitely negatively impacted by everything. But things have improved and here we are.

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The Doga Experiment


Because this past year consisted of multiple visits to the emergency room, I have committed myself to a healthier 2016. As cliché as that sounds, I truly have no choice but to make health my paramount focus, from now on, if I want to avoid future complications. Maintaining motivation has been difficult for me in the past, so my new approach to engaging in healthier habits is to participate in challenges posed by supportive communities. For example, I am participating in a vegan challenge for the month of January called Veganuary. Having to only focus on being vegan for a single month is far less daunting than having to commit to the idea of being vegan, forever. Slowly integrating changes and having mini milestones allows for me to feel less overwhelmed and more encouraged after completion, and completing something in itself is incredibly motivating. If you are similarly difficult to motivate, I suggest giving this a try!

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Chuleta’s Bucket List

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So, I mentioned in my previous post that I will work harder for Chuleta to gain interesting and worldly experiences. To that task, here is a bucket list I created for her:

1.) Visit the ocean
2.) Ride in an airplane
3.) Visit as many different states as possible!
4.) Meet a famous dog
5.) Meet a famous person
6.) Eat an entire burger (or steak) to myself
7.) Go camping
8.) Visit a farm
9.) Go to a drive in movie
10.) Ride in a boat
11.) Try ‘doga’ – doggie yoga
12.) Dog paddling adventures
13.) Visit “Dog Mountain” and its chapel
14.) Celebrate my Sweet Sixteen

As they are completed, I will cross them off and of course, post about them, with plenty of pictures. Have you considered doing this for your grey muzzle, senior dog?

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