A Hudson Valley High

If Chuleta and I were to move anywhere else in the nation, it couldn’t be to a place that did not experience Autumn. Autumn in New York, especially in the Hudson Valley, can do more good for the soul (in my opinion) than any kind of church. The beauty of the transitional season, coupled with the warmth you feel due to the sprinkle of loving holidays is something that I wouldn’t trade for the world. As part of Chuleta’s bucket list, it was more than necessary for her to do as many Autumn-inspired things as possible. In searching for Autumnal adventures, I found an apple orchard settled along NY-32 in New Paltz named Apple Hill Farm that allows you to bring leashed dogs to pick pumpkins or apples.


Somehow, I convinced my sister and brother-in-law to not only tag-along on our apple picking escapade, but to drive everyone. My bro-in-law is madly in love with his new car and I was afraid that Chuleta might have an accident, so we rigged together a basked with an extra-large wee-wee pad underneath a crate pad, as her “please don’t pee in Tio’s car” seat. Upon arrival, we realized that Apple Hill Farm was a beautiful place to spend a Sunday morning. We also realized that it was damned cold, today, so we bought already bagged apples and spent the second part of our morning driving through the scenic Hudson River Valley, occasionally stopping to explore and let the dogs potty.

We bought a full bushel of apples (three types), six cider doughnuts, a candy apple, and banana butter; well worth the drive and for a steal! If you’re in the area, you should absolutely check out Apple Hill Farm. The woman behind the register was nice enough to entertain our questions about baking apples and another friendly man offered to give Chu a treat. Super lovely crowd, fair prices, and delicious fare!

We continued driving north for a bit. Lori and I were hoping to visit the Mohonk Mountain House, which is the hotel that is said to have inspired Stephen King’s, The Shining. Stephen King and (the uber-sexy) Eli Roth supposedly frequent the haunted hotel, too. Unfortunately, we were met at the gate by a gate-keeper who told us that dogs are not allowed on the property! WHAT? So disappointing. So we turned around and drove through neighboring towns until we reached Rhinebeck, and turned down route 9 to head home.

The last stop was made at an empty parking lot to let Chuleta out to go potty. She peed immediately. Poor Chu. So, all in all, we had a great day. She snuggled in my arms for the ride home and she and her cousin, Eleanor, slept soundly after their wild day of adventure.

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Welcome from one of the other new folks at Blogpaws community. I just saw your introduction and wanted to say hello. I reside with my husband in the Midwest with our lab rescue Abby. I enjoyed your photos and story very much. My blog is www.thebookofbarkley.blogspot.com and I'm also totally new on Facebook as LB Johnson so feel free to stop and say hello. My best friend has six country cats (stray or dumped and rescued by them) and I'll share this with her as well. Thanks again for saying hello to everyone.


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