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I am fairly new to the blogging world, so when I discovered that a community of similarly minded, pet-related bloggers existed, I jumped at the chance to connect and learn from them. Upon discovering Pamela’s, Something Wagging (This Way Comes) blog, I chose to participate in something she hosts, called, “Pet Bloggers’ Gift Exchange“.

She Speaks Bark is an amazing blog. I am fairly shallow when it comes to choosing which blogs to read (which I think is a fairly universal ideology). If I land on a blog that isn’t immediately attractive to me or easy to navigate, I’m gone. Kaitlin (the blog’s author) has created a most beautiful and elegant blog. The first thing that I noticed upon landing on were the stunning photos! I am a beginner when it comes to blogging, but when it comes to photography, I have even less experience, so I am super impressed by the beautiful photos she posts, regularly.

Kaitlin has two dogs; a collie mix named Bear and a Pomeranian named Scooter, both of whom are utterly adorable.
she speaks bark 2

Kaitlin’s about me page makes me feel as if we are kindred spirits because it is there that I learned of her having worked in the animal shelter world, too. The blog, itself, is broken into different categories that you can read if you are searching for something specific. The thing I find most wonderful about She Speaks Bark is reading about awesome and useful products. Because of it, I actually bought the Sleepypod Clickit Sport for my sister’s dog, Eleanor, who travels to and from work with her, every day.

All in all, Kaitlin’s blog is more than worth the read. It provides great reviews of products (which appeals to an owner who’s dog is easily bored, like Chuleta) and offers stunning photographs with details of adventures with her own dogs, as well as fosters.

The blog is: She Speaks Bark
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I just checked out She Speaks Bark for the first time and you're right, it's an amazing blog and very nicely designed!


Isn't the pet blogger community fun? Thanks so much for your wonderful gift to She Speaks Bark (isn't that an awesome bog name?). I'm sure Kaitlin will be thrilled when she sees it. And thank you for joining the fun of the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange. BTW, there's another fun community event coming up on Saturday. It's the 5th Annual Pet Blogger's Challenge, hosted by Amy of Go Pet Friendly. It's a great place to meet new people and find out what you have in common with fellow bloggers. You can learn about it here: Maybe I'll see you there?

Heather Lynn
Heather Lynn

I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog because otherwise I wouldn't know what else was out there! Thank you for the invitation. I will do my best! Thank you, again!

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