Carving Out My Niche & My Bucket List

Losing my brother shattered my world. I’m surprised that I’m still standing, to be honest. Before he passed, I had reached a point where I was doing fairly well. I had overcome many of my anxieties simply because I had no choice, but now, I’ve regressed. But I’m trying. I’m trying to forge ahead and carve out my niche in this world. To do this, I identified my primary goals in order to better understand the things that are truly important to me. Thus, my bucket list was born.

I hate the cliches that get thrown around after losing someone, but, “He would just want you to be happy”, is one that actually rings true. Kevin and I often talked about our lofty life plans and he always encouraged me, no matter how silly or grandiose my goals seemed. We always thought we would celebrate each other’s major successes as if they were our own. Knowing that Kevin did not get the opportunity to realize his purpose breaks my heart. It is for that reason that my drive to fulfill my bucket list has been strengthened. He would want me to be happy.

And so, I wrote my bucket list! I pinpointed the most important things I have ever wanted to do (regardless of how imposing they may seem) and I am making myself accountable to at least attempt to complete the list by posting it to the internet. Because the internet never forgets.

Heather’s Bucket List
1.) Drive cross country
2.) Learn Spanish
3.) Swim with sharks & whale sharks
4.) Own my own non-profit consulting firm
5.) Develop my own, multi-faceted non-profit
6.) Visit: The UK, Thailand, & South Africa
7.) Visit and volunteer with the sea Turtle Hospital in Florida
8.) Be published
9.) Marry my soul mate and adopt a child with him
10.) Volunteer at Villalobos Rescue Center
11.) Do something big to honor Kevin’s memory involving his music
12.) Get a sugar skull tattoo of Chuleta and a tattoo of my mother’s favorite pendant
13.) Do good.

Do you have a bucket list? What’s on your list? What motivates you to accomplish those things?

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Woot, multi-faceted non-profit! The international trips sounds amazing too! I usually revamp my bucket list every year and you're about to take me there.


Great list, Heather. Keep your eyes up, and live unstoppable, lovely lady.


So sorry for your loss, without my brother i would be broken,  But creating a bucket list and bringing positive into your life is an amazing idea to make the loss feel a little easier, i love this post and these are amazing bucket list ideas also! x


Heather, I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. This post is inspiring and you seem like a wonderful person. Go get that bucket list! XO 


  1. […] So, I’ve been stagnant, for a while. I’ve been consumed by my grief and couldn’t see beyond it. I’d like to think that I’m beginning to hit my stride, again. Realizing that things can still be okay, in spite of, you know…life. So, I decided to craft a list of small and large goals that I will/am working towards. I was inspired by blogger Mia Moore, who posts small goals, each month. Some of these are things that I should add to my bucket list. […]

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