Do Good: Bombas

Do Good is a new feature where I will be highlighting companies, organizations, and individuals actively working to make the world a better place. This inaugural Do Good post spotlights Bombas, a sock company that does good.

Do Good Bombas

David Heath and Randy Goldberg spent two years researching and developing socks. More specifically, gym socks. They wanted to make the gym-going experience more comfortable by addressing issues posed by the average athletic sock, such as trapping moisture and causing irritation. After perfecting their design, Heath and Goldberg set up an Indiegogo campaign in 2013 in hopes of raising $15,000.00 to start their company, which they named Bombas. Bombas is derived from the Latin word for bumblebee and was chosen because the founders strongly believe in working together to make the world a better place the way that bees work together to benefit the entire hive.

The business plan outlined by Heath and Goldberg followed the buy one-donate one model. This concept (made popular by the Tom’s company) was enough to inspire donors to contribute beyond the $15k ask. Bombas earned a whopping $142,488 in online contributions. In only two and a half years, Bombas met their goal of donating one million socks to charity. In keeping with their established business model, the company hopes to expand into underwear and undershirts, which are both also highly requested items by homeless shelters.

Millenials are quickly becoming the most prevalent consumer demographic and it is widely known that we value social responsibility as much as quality products and services. Remember: money talks! When we commit to patronizing businesses like Tom’s and Bombas, it encourages competing companies to engage in philanthropy. Corporations aren’t just for the greedy, anymore.

To purchase from Bombas or Tom’s, click the live links above. Don’t forget to follow them on social media and both companies offer discounts for new customers, so get to buying!

What ethical companies do you frequent? Is there a company that is making an impact that you believe should be featured in Do Good? Let me know!

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