Exorcising Holiday Hurt

I love the holiday season. Christmas satisfies my inherent need for forced family togetherness and exaggerated niceness. I love everything about it, from the corny Christmas music, to the Christmas feast; from giving gifts, to helping those less fortunate. My love of Christmas runs deep, so when my best friend tried to rain on my reindeer parade by announcing that he is a Scrooge McDuck, I took it upon myself to try to help him move from “bah humbug” to “Feliz Navidad!”


12358290_936443753070122_478437342_nThis is Conor. (He is not actually wearing a Santa hat.)

We made a day of my attempting to impart Christmas joy unto him. Conor suffered through holiday special after holiday special. We drank, sang Christmas carols and finally, we decorated the tree while wearing fuzzy Christmas socks. By the end of the night, he was a true convert, but I understand the want to distance yourself from a holiday like Christmas after having lost someone you love. As teenagers, we both lost our mothers, and sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself that holidays are worth celebrating without that person or you may believe that you are dishonoring your loved one by celebrating without them. I honor the memory of my mother by displaying all of the beautiful Christmas crafts she created and talking about her. At first, celebrating without her seemed impossible because she established each of our traditions, so in recreating them, each year, as our own, we hope to make her feel proud knowing her prevailing influence on us. But this is my method of dealing; a method that required overcoming years of detachment and sadness. It was not my place to force my friend to get with the holly jolly because everyone has a process and for that, I hope he can forgive me. If it is something he wishes to take with him into the future, or if our day was in any way cathartic, I hope he accepts it as a Christmas gift long overdue.

12380073_936443776403453_1041726370_nDinner: Feta & Spinach Quiche; Cheddar Cheese Quiche

12388124_936443756403455_538866370_n He didn’t believe that I would buy Christmas socks. But I did!

12387725_936443769736787_815329826_nThe tree, unadorned.

12380054_936443806403450_2095472311_nMy sister’s, brother’s, brother-in-law’s, and my own stockings. My mother made three of the four.


The next day, I chose to bake sugar cookies. This was the result of that endeavor:



12366772_936443829736781_834123971_nPlus size sugar cookies. #nobodyshame #nocookieshame

12358155_936443823070115_611905007_nPlumpy – plump cookies! #plussizeisbeautiful

12387835_936443843070113_1757765406_nThis was an intended snowman. He is now, FANCY SNOW GHOST (a.k.a. Jacob Marley).
12358153_936443853070112_1286066151_n “Wear your scarf, ninja!” – Ron Funches.

12358021_936443849736779_2073423563_nInjured Man cookie.

12358010_936443846403446_2125901922_nAnd finally, Surfer Man, cookie, who lost his arm in a shark attack. R.I.P. right Surfer Man cookie arm.


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Cathy Armato
Cathy Armato

What a great post, I love your plus size cookies! You are a really good friend, I hope Connor can embrace the Holiday again in the future. Merry Christmas to you both! Love & biscuits, Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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