Fight for Your Right: Political Protests

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of dissent. I believe that the protests and rallies that are erupting across the country are a healthy reaction to the current administration’s policies and am proud of my fellow Americans who passionately fight for what they believe in. I support their right to do so to the fullest extent.

So, why do I feel so disheartned by recent protests?

When the looting broke out during Ferguson’s Black Lives Matter protests, I dismissed the wrongdoers as fringe, opportunists. When incidences of violence were committed by anti-Trump activists, I blamed the Conservative instigators. A few days ago, Gavin McInnes, (an alt-right, Rebel Media personality) was invited to speak at New York University. Before McInnes even had a chance to enter the building, he was accosted by students who were protesting and shot with pepper spray. (To see the video, click here.) A brawl broke out between students, cops, and the men attempting to defend McInnes were arrested. Thankfully, no one was critically injured.

This is unacceptable.

Fuck that. Let’s keep it 100: That is some bullshit. These reports are becoming too frequent to cavalierly shrug-off.

Stop trying to disguise your misplaced aggression as vigilantism.

First of all, violence is wrong. (I feel as If I am speaking to children.) I’m not sure what else to say. Stop trying to disguise your misplaced aggression as vigilantism. Unless acting in self-defense or in defense of another person, violence is not warranted. (I told you three times to stop hitting your sister! Remember to use your words! Now go to your room!)

Secondly, free speech should not be governed. Short of yelling “fire” in a movie theater or similar, it’s all or nothing. Choosing to uphold the Constitution is not an act of convenience.

Finally, this behavior is primitive and brutish, not to mention counter-productive. I am embarrassed and ashamed by protestors who behave this way.

Here Is my advice, fellow snowflakes: Fight smarter.

  • Choosing to protest or hold a demonstration over inconsequential things diminishes its effectiveness. If you choose to demonstrate your outrage each time a Breitbart staffer says something offensive, no one is going to take you seriously.
  • Prepare to engage by researching and crafting thoughtful arguments in defense of your position. Understand the law before spouting misinformation and use verified, unbiased facts.
  • Give others an opportunity to speak. They may not be able to persuade you to change your mind, but how can we expect to be heard and not offer the same courtesy?
  • Don’t succomb to mob mentality and bullying.

Oh, and please stop macing people.

What are your thoughts? Did I miss the mark? Let me know in the comments!

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