First Ipsy & January 2017 Unbagging

So, I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup, but recently, I’ve become mildly obsessed. Because of this, my sister chose to indulge me for Christmas and ordered my first subscribtion mailer, Ipsy! I am obviousy not a beauty professional, so take everything I write in my reviews with a grain of salt. Most opinions are just that and belong to me, alone. So, check out my first Ipsy bag & January 2017 unbagging!

First Ipsay Bag

I love the packaging. Ipsy pink envelopes are adorable. The interior is actually bubble wrap. This is the Metropolis bag (there was a card, but it got away from me).

The Ipsy mail bag!

Every month, Ipsy sends a zippered make up bag that holds the products. This month (as pictured above), the bag was an ice blue mesh. Very cute!

These are all of the products that I received. The four pieces pictured on the bag, itself, were inside, while the other two were too large, and in the mail bag, itself.

The first two items are paper masks from the company Loverecipe. They are a Korean company and Korean beauty products are all the rage, as are the paper masks. I’m excited to give these a try!

There is also a very small Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. The BB Cream, itself, is a great consistency and offers a lot of coverage, but as you can see  by my swatch, below, the color is off. This is a light/medium and has a lot of orange under tones. It makes me want to try more Smashbox products because the quality seems very good, but the color is mismatched.

This is a bronze eye shadow called Fantasy from a company named Manna Kadar Beauty. I wasn’t super impressed. As you can see from the swatch, it isn’t super pigmented or anything special.

I was excited to see #pacifica products in my first #Ipsy #glambag for #January 2017!

The third item is a Rimmel London Kate lipstick in clear. Basically, it’s a lip gloss. It’s simple, but I love this! It is super moisturizing and a great idea. It is also full sized.

The final product from the January Ipsy bag is a Pacifica blush in the color Wildrose. I really love this colort. In registering for Ipsy, you are asked to choose your favorite brands and I chose all vegan, cruelty-free companies. Pacifica is one of the leading, vegan, beauty companies and are constantly hearalded as one of the best. Suffice it to say, doesn’t happen often,

Overall, I think this January bag was fantastic! All of the products, save for one, were full size and that is something that made me very happy. Also, there were more products than I anticipated receivng (which I’ve read doesn’t happen often), but even if it were a typical number of products, I believe Ipsy is worth the price! I’m looking forward to more bags in the future.

What do you think? Are there any other subscription mailers you are a member of that you really enjoy? Any that have disappointed you? Let me know!





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