So, I’ve been stagnant, for a while. I’ve been consumed by grief and couldn’t see beyond it. I’d like to think that I’m beginning to hit my stride, again. Realizing that things can still be okay, in spite of, you know…life. So, I decided to craft a list of small and large goals that I will/am working towards. I was inspired by blogger Mia Moore, who posts small goals, each month. Some of these are things that I should add to my bucket list.

Large Goals

  • Graduate school: I’ve narrowed it down to three programs, but oh man, the cost is terrifying.
  • Create consulting firm: Side hustle in progress.
  • Complete my first novel: I’m nearly finished. I want to attempt to have it published, professionally, but will consider self-publishing. (Note: My book is horror-fiction. It is far from the great American novel.)
  • Comic books: I have had these two comic book ideas rattling around in my mind for nearly three years. I owe it to Kevin to try to bring them to fruition, but I need to find the right artist willing to invest time without promise of a reward. Any takers?
  • Move: Anywhere. I’m ready. I wish my wallet was, too.

Small Goals

  • Write a blog post every week: I get so easily distracted.
  • Yoga every (other) damn day: I’ve been in a lot of physical pain, lately, which I have used as an excuse to avoid my yoga practice.
  • Invest in CBD oil: Sometimes the Marf pain can be excruciating and I haven’t had much luck with prescribed painkillers, so I’m willing to try this, absolutely.
  • Donate: Go through the things that I have abandoned at my sister’s and decide what to and not to donate. I need to get rid of my things and commit to minimalism.
  • Read more: I stayed up for an entire night, reading, recently. I haven’t done that since I was a child. I need to make sure that I don’t continue to be distracted from reading by other endeavors.

I’m hoping that I have a better time achieving these goals than I do keeping resolutions. I’m giving myself five years for large goals and only one week for the small. I hope that I can keep focused.

What are some of your large and small goals? Have you accomplished any of them?

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