I’m Not That Girl

I am not that girl. I tried very hard to be and even achieved mild success in living her life, but she is not me.

I am not the girl who bakes vegan banana fritters on a whim or the girl who feels the need to document every horror film she watches during the Halloween season. And there is a particular formula to follow, a certain set of rules that must be adhered to in order to construct something that reflects something that someone else wrote that proved popular. I never could follow the rules and who wants to be popular, anyway?

I have been a fraud. I began to believe in what I was writing. I forced myself to be excited, but feigned enthusiasm cannot disguise the lack-of-substance and rampant insincerity plaguing my words. Thank you for being supportive of this endeavor, but this installation of the blog has run its course.

As I’ve done many times before, I will be taking a brief hiatus while I work to find things worth writing about, again. Thank you for understanding and sticking with it





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