Rasputina Live In Concert At Daryl’s House

Rasputina released their debut album, Thanks for the Ether, twenty years ago. To celebrate, they embarked on a U.S. tour that began in the Hudson Valley at Daryl’s House. I was lucky enough to score two tickets to see the amazing, cello trio, Rasputina, in a live concert and fulfill one of the items on my bucket list.

I discovered Rasputina at a critical juncture in my life. Music had always been incredibly important to me, but I had been very sheltered. I was not exposed to anything beyond oldies and boy bands until early high school.

Rasputina Trio Live Concert
Polly, Melora, & Luis.

Melora Creager (the founder of Rasputina) is an absolute badass. She is a woman who has always marched to the beat of her own drum and I have always admired her for that. Her lyrics manipulated history into whimsical poems set to a classical score. She paved the way for Steampunk and created her own genre.

Rasputina live concet Melora
Melora and her cello.

Melora taught me that women did not have to be pigeon-held as pop stars and that there is room in contemporary culture for old souls. She has been my musical hero for nearly fifteen years and I never thought that I would get the opportunity to see her perform live. Mark that off off my bucket list!

Rasputina live concert banjo
Melora rocks her banjo

Having brought my best friend Conor, who was previously unfamiliar with Rasputina, I am happy to say he is now a converted fan! Luis, Polly Panic, and Melora performed many of the tracks from Thanks for the Ether, only to return for an encore with my favorite song of theirs: Gingerbead Coffin. The intimate setting of the venue made the experience of seeing an idol of mine all the more fantastic. Melora sang her heart out and spoke to the audience like old friends. Even the awkward moments felt natural. Truly an amazing night!



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