On The Waterfront

My transmission died, approximately, one and a half months ago. Since then, I have been relying heavily upon other people to get around. It makes me feel terrible and very much like a burden, but it also makes the task of knocking things off of Chuleta’s bucket list even more difficult. Thankfully, her health seems to be stabilizing, if not improving. She has definitely gained weight. She continues to pee everywhere, though, which enrages me. I need to take a step back and realize that she is elderly and it isn’t her fault, but it is really hard to remain in that headspace, especially knowing how long it took me to potty train her when she was a young. But again, it isn’t her fault.

My friend, Conor, proposed that we take our dogs to Cold Spring, N.Y., for the day. He and his dog, Mulligan, picked us up and we trekked over to the waterfront. It was my first time ever being on the water, but I have visited the town a number of times. Chuleta loved it. Honestly, she isn’t that discerning and loves anything that involves a car ride, but new things are always fun for her. While there, she and Mulligan were introduced, face to face, and she immediately bit him on the lip. (Have I ever mentioned how awful she can be?) He is a wonderful dog and took it all in stride. We met some new people, who offered Chu a plate to lick from their barbecue, which was incredibly nice. She slept in my arms for the entire ride home. She even snored loud enough to startle me. It really was a wonderful day!

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