Toxic Family is Toxic

I realized, a few years ago, that keeping my distance from some family members helped to alleviate and/or prevent a great deal of anxiety and stress, but I’m coming to find that even minimal contact can leave me reeling. Some great advice I have received from countless friends has been to just cut these toxic people out of my life, for good, which is far easier said than done (and I should mention that none of these advice-givers are Italian…). So here are some tips for dealing with unavoidable bitches who work so hard to kill your vibe:

Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe: How to Deal With Toxic Family Members

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Do Good: Bombas

Do Good Cover Bombas

Do Good is a new feature where I will be highlighting companies, organizations, and individuals actively working to make the world a better place. This inaugural Do Good post spotlights Bombas, a sock company that does good.

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Grief & Guilt

If I leave you it doesn’t mean that I love you any less. Keep me in your heart for a while.
– Warren Zevon

It has been an entire year since we lost Kevin. In fact, today marks one year, exactly. I’ve been so distracted by so many things that I can’t believe an entire year has passed, already. My body has a way of ensuring that I never go without recognizing the awfulness of April; something biological that insists that I grieve, again.

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Fight for Your Right: Political Protests

McInne Maced Protestors Post

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of dissent. I believe that the protests and rallies that are erupting across the country are a healthy reaction to the current administration’s policies and am proud of my fellow Americans who passionately fight for what they believe in. I support their right to do so to the fullest extent.

So, why do I feel so disheartned by recent protests?

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Women in Horror & My Top 5 Feminist Horror Movies

If you are a regular reader of this blog, by now you may have realized that I am a horror junkie. Scratch that: I am a horror fiend. (Any Misfits fans? I want your skulls!)  February marks the eighth annual Women in Horror Month (2017) and I am excited to celebrate. The month was founded in order to promote the work of the amazing women contributing to horror of every artistic medium (film, literature, music, art, etc.) and in every capacity. It also helps to bring to light the fact that women are incredibly under-represented and unrecognized in the genre. Throughout the month of February, I will be peppering the blog with posts about women in horror, beginning with this one: Women in Horror & My Top 5 Feminist Horror Movies.

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