5 Spooky Podcasts to Put You in the Mood for Halloween

Podcast topics run the gamut, from pop-culture to personal finance to spirituality and everything in between. I’ve been listening to podcasts for more than a year, now, and I have become a huge podcast nerd. The ones I gravitate to most are those involving folklore and horror themes. (Surprise, right?) Some of these podcasts examine famous myths and legends, while some act out stories and create their own lore. Truth be told, they all have the ability to keep the listener awake, at night. Here are 5 spooky podcasts to put you in the mood for Halloween!


Alice Isn’t Dead is brought to you by the creators of Welcome to Night Vale (another podcast worth checking out). Jasika Nicole is the voice of our main character, who is a truck driver, convinced that her long lost wife is not dead. As she searches acrosss America, she encounters many strange people and… things.


History Goes Bump
 is hosted by Diane Student and Denise Moormeier. Born from a blog, these ladies discuss history and the way it influences or instigates specific hauntings. The podcast also features segments like, “History of the Day” and “A Moment in Oddity”.


The No Sleep Podcast
was inspired by a “subreddit” entitled NoSleep, where members of the forum submitted their own horror stories. The No Sleep Podcast is a series of narrated horror fiction that rival any horror movie’s ability to cause nightmares and prevent sleep.


If you follow Mostly My Dog on Facebook, chances are you have seen posts promoting this podcast.  Toni Odell provides haunting historical context to legends and lore that natives of the Hudson Valley (like myself) have been raised with. Hudson Valley Legends is exactly what I needed to help me devle into the rich and sordid history of my home region, not to mention, it contributes to my list of haunted and odd places to visit.


The Faculty of Horror is, hands-down, my favorite podcast, regardless of season. It doesn’t necessarily incite fear, but hosts Andrea Subissati and Alex West provide an academic approach to horror film criticism with feminist flare. It makes me feel as if my love of horror is not quite as low-brow as I have come to believe, but something that I should be proud of enjoying, so long as the topics are approached with an intellectual lens.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Do you have any scary suggestions for the Halloween season?

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