Replacement Trips

The past few weeks have been difficult for me. I have encountered a few health problems, myself, but I was also concerned about Chuleta, so I brought her to the vet. She has gained a super significant amount of weight over the past seven months (2 whole pounds), but she has recently been backward-sneezing far more frequently than she ever has. The vet concluded that it wasn’t anything serious, which was a weight off of my shoulders, but he still encouraged me to keep an eye on it, in case it should get worse.

That being said, I was so excited to bring Chuleta to a beach in Connecticut, today, before dogs will no longer be allowed. We suffered a surprise snow fall, yesterday, so our plans were thwarted, again. Instead, we decided to visit my father. I always worry about Chuleta having an accident and in the car is no exception. A friend gave me an actual dog seat (forgive me! I don’t know the brand!) because her dogs could not make it work and I lay a wee wee pad in the bottom. Thankfully, she really enjoyed the seat, itself, and no accidents!

Once at my father’s house, I learned that coming down open stairs are a big problem for her, now. She cannot gauge how far apart each step is because they do not have a back and her eyesight is very poor, these days, so I was carrying her quite a bit. She loves seeing everyone and recognized my father (her grandpa), immediately, this time. She hates, however, my dad’s dog. He is a Rotti/Mastiff mix and the absolute sweetest dog on the planet. He just allows Chuleta to bite him in the face if he gets too close, the poor thing. She’s terrified of him and he is so gentle with her. She had a great day! The ride home was wonderful. She slept contentedly, the entire time.


[I love this seat!]IMG_0552[It’s so sunny, today!]


[I hate that Godzilla.]

IMG_0563[Nom nom nom.] IMG_0495     [I am Godzilla and this is my face!]IMG_0569[Hi mom! I’m so tired, but I will stay awake the entire ride home!]

[I lied.]

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Jillian Cameron
Jillian Cameron

She is such a cutie! Brick is no stranger to backwards sneezing. I've noticed that it seems to happen at certain times more than others. For him, I think it might have sometime to do with the weather. Glad to hear that Chuleta has a clear bill of health!

Dog Mom Days
Dog Mom Days

Looks like she had a great time! That's a super cute car seat for her :)

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