#SeniorSunday, Again

One of the many issues that Chuleta has presented in conjunction with her age and illness, is a lack of interest in food. After the weight loss, she was flat out refusing to eat and I was worried about changing her food, so late in life. I had tried to vary her diet, to the best of my ability, because who would want to eat the same thing, day after day? But she was not very receptive to my additions. Chuleta’s significant loss of weight over a short period of time is what prompted me to have her evaluated by a vet.

After speaking with the vet and discovering that Chu has cancer, he was more worried about the weight loss because it may have been an indication that it was progressive. Unfortunately, the cancer is either in her liver or kidneys, but testing was inconclusive. The only option, now, would be exploratory surgery and she is far too old to be forced to suffer through something so radical. My vet instructed me to feed her whatever she wants in order to put weight back on.

In order to maintain some sort of balance in her diet, I have chosen to cook chicken breast with a small amount of rice (which she hates), and peas and carrots. I am so lucky that she loves it and has taken to it like a duck to water. She is eating twice each day (with dry food available, at all times) and now we have actually noticed a substantial change not only in her appearance (she is a chubby monkey, now, and her fur has gone from brittle to beautiful), but in her activity level. For what it’s worth, she has taken these changes in stride and I’m very happy with her improvement.

This article offers a great deal information on what to expect in regard to your dog’s diet, as he/she grows older:

Have you noticed a change in your own dog’s appetite? How did you address it?

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