There’s a Lack of Color Here…

So, everyone, I apologize for no recent postings. More than that, I apologize to Chuleta for not having had the time to do anything spectacular with her! I have started a new job and that, coupled with the holidays, have royally spoiled our adventure time. On a happier note, she is chubby and content to not leave the house when it is cold, so maybe my lack of time has been a blessing in disguise for her. That being said, we held an impromptu photo shoot, a few nights ago, celebrating the season, alongside Chuleta’s cousin, Eleanor (who has become a kind of mascot for my sister’s grooming shop: Planet Groom). Here are some of our favorite photos!

CHU1 CHU2 CHU3 CHU4 Ellie1

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Heather Lynn
Heather Lynn

Thank you so much, LB! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a happy New Year!


What a cutie. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. LB Johnson from the book of barkley blog

Slow your roll...


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