Vegan Banana Fritters

My best friend is vegan. I am not. I love animals, but my willpower is lacking. Especially when it comes to denying myself something like cheese. That being said, in spite of knowing my limitations and knowing that I don’t have the ability to commit to never eating meat or dairy, he has inspired me to work harder to reduce my meat consumption and in turn, my carbon footprint. Thus, vegan banana fritters were born.

Conor (check out his blog, Truthsfacade) and I have been making an effort to cook together, more often. We recently discovered a video recipe for banana fritters and we did our best to vegan-ize it. The results were delicious!

First, Conor made his own vegan Nutella. He added whole hazelenuts, vanilla extract, organic maple syrup, and raw cacao to the food processor and blended until it reached a somewhat smooth consistency. No measurements. Just tossed them in like a madman. There were chunky pieces of hazelnuts. This added the perfect crunch to a delicious Nutella knock-off.



I worked on cutting and coring bananas — which is harder than it sounds. I used a rounded measuring spoon to scoop out the middle of banana chunks. We then decided to add those chunks to the vegan Nutella.
banana chunks

Cored bananas

Banana cores
Then we piped the vegan Nutella into the bananas.
Full bananas

The final phase of this recipe called for frying the bananas in eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs. Frankly, that did not sound very appetizing. So, we substituted this with a boxed vegan pancake batter. It was trial and error, but in the end, the fried vegan banana fritters were covered in powdered sugar and devoured.
Banana fritters 1
First fritter

Lots of fritters
(Yes,, that is a roast pan. We improvised.)

Fritter bite
Are you vegan? How did we do in our foray into vegan cooking? What would you suggest we try, next? Let me know in the comments!

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YUM! These look amazing, thank you for sharing this recipe! 


These look amazing! Pinned so that I make these.

Slow your roll...


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