Wordless Wednesday

Visiting my father and brother is always an adventure. It’s almost as if Chuleta can sense where we are going by sniffing the breeze from the open window as we drive. She’s very intuitive that way. Today, she spent the majority of the drive crying and whining (which is very rare for her) because she knew, instinctually, where we were headed. She spent the majority of the visit snuggled with my brother, who is recovering from a car accident. She adores her uncle!


Being as┬áChuleta was content to snuggle in bed, I took my father’s dog, Godzilla, for a short walk. He’s the doofiest, most adorable dog in the world. He tolerates everything, including Chuleta, who doesn’t “speak dog”. Rather than play with him, she bites him in the face. Repeatedly. And sometimes she latches on. He only shakes his head, wags his tail, and tilts his head in a confused manner. He doesn’t react. Amazingly well behaved dog; I just love him!




I need to attempt better pictures of him, next time, but he is always on the move.


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